Who are we?


Citizen Debt Audit Platform (PACD) was born in March 2012 as organised civil society’s response to the debt crisis in the Spanish State and in other states of the European Union.

We understand that there is more than enough evidence of illegitimacy in the generation of a debt that the Spanish government, together with the EU and the regional and local governments, are using to justify the implementation of austerity measures. The non-payment of debt considered illegitimate, will identify those responsible for this indebtedness process, denouncing and demanding responsibilities.

The PACD is advancing in the process of the public audit by:

  • Dismantling the political and media discourse by contrasting arguments with data and with the support of the PACD’s collective criteria, technical reports, conferences, newspaper articles, interviews or social networks, among others.
  • Interacting with different areas of social transformation, as the PAH – Platform of People Affected by Mortgages (clarifying the intrinsic micro-debt relationship between private and public debt) or groups of national and international coordination such as the campaign against TTIP.
  • Promoting transparency through participation in the creation of Citizen Municipal Observatories (CMOs), submitting requests to governments demanding information of general interest or publishing economic information obtained through leaks.
  • Debugging responsibilities from our space of action, collaborating in anti-corruption projects and targeting people at different levels (municipalities, autonomous regions, central government, public administrations, European Commission, European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund, the banking and financial sector… ) that have been or are responsible for the unsustainable debt situation, here and in the global South.
  • Empowering citizens from our field of action. The PACD organizes multiple events, actively participates in street actions, contributes to social media campaigns and approaches different sectors of the population from multiple channels to spread the message that illegitimate debt will not be paid.

Three years ago the concept of illegitimate debt was a taboo, today it is inhabits the conversations of many people.


Web: www.auditoríaciudadana.net

Contact: auditciudadana [at] gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuditoriaCiudadanaDeuda

Twitter: @auditciudadana

Tlph: 0034 616368080 (Javier S, PACD member)



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